Six weeks has passed now since my surgery, and progress has been far speedier than I anticipated. Yesterday I had my first post-op consultation in London with my surgeon, Mr James Calder. After a quick X-ray to check how the foot is looking, and a short examination, I was very pleased to hear that everything is on track. 

This meant that I've been allowed to ditch the crutches permanently, and I'm now walking around freely, although I still have a moon boot on my foot. I have to remain in the plastic cast for three further weeks, and then I'm able to switch to 'athletic footwear', with another follow up consultation in six weeks to re-examine. 

I'm very optimistic that the six month timeline that I was initially given can be reduced. Discussing my progress with teammates who've had the same operation, they were using crutches for up to twelve weeks. Fingers crossed there are no setbacks and progress continues at a similar pace!